Colourful Spring Salad

Orange, grilled fennel, radish MMM… Spring has eventually arrived, and plenty of new seasonal veg are here for you to explore! If you are in a mood for something fresh, and colourful, this flavor bursting salad would 100% stimulate your taste buds!

Ingredients. Serving 1. 1 Orange, ¼ of fennel, few radishes, handful of bean sprouts, handful of rocket salad, fresh herbs such as dill, coriander or parsley (whatever is available).

For dressing: tbls rapeseed oil, tbls lemon juice, sprinkle of fennel seeds, chilly flacks, and salt to your taste, black sesame seeds.

Method. Slice orange, radishes, and ¼ of fennel. Chop as much as possible fresh herbs. To grill fennel use electrical grill or a griddle pan. In a serving bowl mix rocket and sprouted lentils, add radish, orange and grilled fennel and herbs. Add oil and lemon juice, and sprinkle fennel seeds, chilly flacks and salt. Decorate with black sesame seeds. For additional punch in flovour serve it with rivita topped up with blue cheese (Roquefort, Gorgonzola or Danish blue) and a bit of honey. Delish!

Health benefits. New season radish, oranges and bean sprouts are wonderful source of Vitamin C. Fresh herbs are packed full with vitamins. Black sesame seeds are an excellent source of magnesium and calcium and vitamin B1. Blue cheese contains beneficial amounts of vitamin B-12 and magnesium.

Enjoy the spring celebration on a plate!

3 Weekend Running Challenge in Antwerp Area.

If you are curious to see the beautiful surroundings of Antwerpen while running, these links are for you 🙂 Here are links to 3 Running events around Antwerpen area. Discover new places, and challenge yourself for 3 weekends in a row!
Natuurloop van Lier on Saturday the 27th of February – 5km/10km/ or 1/2 marathon;
Beeltjensloop 5de editie in Westerlo- Saturday the 5th of March – 5km/10km/ or 15km;
Geel Half Marathon – Saturday the 12th of March –  5km/10/ or 1/2 marathon;
Looking forward to see you there!spiritual-development.jpg

Run on Valentine’s in Antwerp

If you are wondering what to do this Sunday the 14th of February? Why not to join me at Valentine’s Run Antwerpen!!

Starting at 11am in Rivierenhof Deurne (Antwerp) its a friendly 5 or 10 km run! Free subscription until the 12th of February. Just fill in the form at the bottom of the page of link above or pay 5 euro on the day and you are in!

I did it last year and would totaly recommend it! Love, Eat and Run!

Perfect Dinner after Sunset Run

Layered aubergine, goats cheese and home made light almond pesto. I cannot think of a more delicious way to finish a Sunset Run! This dish of layered grilled aubergine, almond & basil pesto and goats cheese served with light side salad and topped up with caramelised shallots is flavour-bursting, and melting in your mouth delight!

Ingredients. Serving 2. 1 Aubergine, goats cheese (log), 2 shallots, mixed salad, tomatoes. For Pesto: handful of roasted almonds, handful of fresh basil, olive oil, handful of grated Parmesan, water, salt & pepper.

Method. Slice aubergine in circles, and grill on both sides till soften (either using pan or a electric grill). Fry shallots on olive oil on a medium heat for 5 – 10 min till translucent, add a tiny splash of balsamic vinegar 1 min before removing from the heat. Line baking tray with baking paper. Then make little towers of layered up (x2) slices of aubergine, pesto, goats cheese and top it up with caramelised shallots (your should have around 5-6 towers). Place into an oven for 7 min @ 160C (till cheese is melted). Server with a light salad and tomatoes. Squeeze a little of balsamic reduction as a dressing.

Light Almond Pesto. Using pestle and mortar crush almonds, add basil, Parmesan, mix together, add droplet of water to loosen the mixture. Add pepper to taste, and a drizzle of olive oil to give it extra shine.

Enjoy the soft gorgeous treat, because you deserve it!       

Perfect lunch after runch!

Here is a super simple recipe for delicious and nutritious lunch, which is perfect as a recovery meal after Runch jogging session.

Fried egg and goats cheese toasty served with beetroot and dill salad.  

Ingredients. For Toasty: 2x slices of brown bread, egg, whole grain mustard. For salad: half of a boiled beetroot, dill, 1/4 cucumber, rocket leafs, lemon for dressing.

Method. For Toasty: Fry an egg on a nonstick frying pan. Spread mustard over one slice of bread. Place fried egg on it, top it up with a little bit of goats cheese and cover with the second slice of bread. Fry sandwich on both sides until cheese starts to melt. You will hear and smell it! MMMM  For salad: Slice cucumber and beetroot. Mix them together with rocket. Sprinkle it with chopped dill and squeeze some lemon juice on top. Add some black pepper and a little bit of sea salt to bring out extra flavour!

Benefits. Egg is a fantastic source of protein which is essential for your after run recovery. Salad is rich in fiber, which will slow down digestion of the bread, resulting in spending more calories. Beetroot, rocket and dill are good source of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Enjoy incredible celebration of flavours!    

What’s your print? Running gear – 90 vs 25 euro!  

Over the past few years fashion industry has made a huge transformation in design of sports clothing. It has converted a sweaty working out process into a fashion competition! Just to think, I used to were old t-shirts, oversized shorts, and worn off runners. Colour coordinating wouldn’t even cross my mind… These days girls are even putting on make up!

I find it silly, but cannot stay out of it completely. There is such choice of bright colours, prints, and stylish sportswear out there! It is very satisfying and so much wearing a fashionable running outfit, but is it worth spending 90 euros on?

Touch of pink

Amongst expensive brands Nike remains the favourite for runners or at least that’s what their marketing wants you to think.

I my opinion we can avoid throwing large sums of money at bright colour or seasonal print sportswear as you can easily choose an alternative from other brands like H&M, Forever 21 and Decathlon. They do offer great variety at reasonable cost!

Cosmos Gradient

So I have decided to compare few trends of sportswear prints by these brands. See for yourself : ‘Touch of pink’, ‘Cosmos gradient’, ‘Grey scale’ and ‘Font statement’

Grey Scale

All of the brands have equally inspiring and cool designs! So weather you go for 90 or 25 euro worth piece of clothing your fashion statement will be equally strong!

Font Statement

In my opinion if you want to make an investment buy a pair of a good running shoes, or a good quality leggings! Dark colour combinations are always in fashion, plus you can easily combine them with new season items! One thing is for sure next season fashion will come up with a new colours scheme and new inspirations for prints. So shop smart and run fast 😉